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Protecting the Assets of legendary practical FX house Legacy Effects

August 18, 2021

Oscar nominated, Emmy winning FX studio, Legacy Effects is one of the largest practical visual effects houses in North America specializing in practical makeups, animatronics, specialty suits, conceptual design, 3d printing, and rapid prototyping for films and television shows. Legacy Effects has brought to the screen the most iconic characters in history from E.T to “baby Yoda” from Mandalorian and many others.

Legacy Effects is a longtime customer of Atempo. We sit down with Legacy Effects IT Manager, David Castinez and Studio Manager Damon Weathers to discuss how Atempo's Time Navigator "Tina" solution has helped them to back up and protect their iconic assets.


David Castinez on Atempo Tina's critical role at Legacy Effects

“We engaged with Atempo around the time of our founding in 2008 because we had the need for a solution that would address a variety of different scenarios like disaster recovery and ransomware. Thanks to Atempo’s Time Navigator, Tina product we have a robust backup infrastructure to ensure that if we have an incident, we can recover from it. The software has been in place and our backup routines have been relatively straightforward. We have a focus on-prem backups, we back up to a tape library. So we're able to maintain an air gap between our datasets and that's something that Time Navigator has been utilized for a longtime. For us, it’s been a very stable and very, very much concrete part of our infrastructure. "  

Damon Weathers on a Day-in-the-life of Legacy Effects

"We had built a rapport with Guillermo Del Toro when we worked with him on PACIFIC RIM. He came to us to discuss a different project, SHAPE OF WATER. And I happened to be in the room, which was kind of cool. The way he pitches the project is, 'I've got this small black and white indie film. Think of it as a student film.' If anyone would have told us that film would the most consequential film of his career, we would have said you were crazy. But that's just another typical day here at Legacy Effects."


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